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At the movies

Atonement (Atonement)

Be a blessing (Schindler's List)

*  Believes all things (The Miracle Worker)
Better days are coming (Places in the Heart)

*  Buckling up (The Bourne Identity)
Celebrating true adventure (We Bought a Zoo)
Checked your anchor lately?  (Hereafter)
Christ on the waterfront  (On the   Waterfront)
"Do not seek the treasure!" (O Brother Where Art  Thou?)
Feeling God's pleasure (Chariots of Fire)
*  Getting in the way of God  (Freedomland)
Going viral (Contagion)
Great expectations (My Sister's Keeper)
History and His story (Be Kind Rewind)
Hope and the upward pull (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close)
Hope is a good thing (The Shawshank Redemption)
Honoring marriage (Australia)
How much is too much? (The King's Speech)
"I'm glad we tried"  (Night Crossing)
"It's only horrible for them"  (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas)
*  Is Jesus getting bigger?  (The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian)
Keeping it safe (The Book of Eli)
*  Kindness to a queen  (The Queen)
Lead us not into temptation (3) (Saving Private Ryan)

Letting God be God (The Crown)
*  Liberation day is coming  (The Longest Day)
Living courageously (We bought a zoo)
*  Lonely eyes and Jesus  (The Graduate)
More mercy please (The Iron Lady)
*  No treasure like this treasure  (National Treasure: Book of Secrets)
Not today  (Live Free or Die Hard)
*  Proceed and be bold  (True Grit)
Remember who you are (Somewhere in the Night)
*  Remember your song  (The Pianist)
Rooted or roaming?  (Up in the Air)
*  Ruby with the eyes that sparkle  (Cold Mountain)
*  Singing, joy, hope & life  (Enchanted)
Super heroes and low ceilings  (The Avengers)
The call that makes a difference  (The Kingdom of God)
The hope filled life (The Undefeated)
"There's more to you than that" (The Dark Night Rises)
*  There's no place like home (The Wizard of Oz)
*  "There will be a reckoning" (Cold Mountain)
The way it's meant to be (Roman Holiday)
*  Think bigger  (Sarafina)
Uncreation & new creation (Waterworld)

"You are our mission" (World Trade Center)

Waiting for death (No Country for Old Men)
*  What can God do?   (Room with a View)
Who is my neighbor?  (Crash)

Who needs my lifeline?  (A Street Cat Named Bob)
Who really has grit?  (True Grit)
Who we are (Departures)
*  Worthy  (Lawrence of Arabia)
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