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E-100 and blogging through the Bible

The congregation where I serve is participating in the E100 Challenge in 2013.  If you’re not familiar with E100, it takes you through the Scripture with 100 representative readings from Scripture (50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New).  Almost all of the readings are two chapters or less. If you’re good at math, you’ve already figured out that 100 readings translates to about two per week. 
I’ve received several positive responses about E-100 from our members.  Most of them would ideally like to read through the Bible in a year, but find that a little daunting.  However, reading about four chapters is not only something they can do, it is something that couples or families can do.  Think of the benefits and blessing that can come from that.

There’s something else --- the smaller, representative readings leave time to explore what you read about in greater detail and depth.  This format encourages discovery and that should always be a significant aspect whenever the word of God is opened.

To further enhance our experience, we’re doing two additional things.  The first is that one of our adult Bible classes will be devoted to discussing the two readings of the week.  The folks at E100 have a Challenge Guide that has discussion questions, prayer suggestions, practical applications, etc. that we will use with the class.  The other thing we’re doing is that I will be basing my Sunday morning message on some aspect of the readings of the past week.  E100 also has some material for that but I honestly haven’t been too impressed with it and probably won’t be using it much.

Instead, what I plan to do is to blog my way through the one hundred passages.  What I’m anticipating is that rather than covering the reading in a commentary type manner, I’ll develop some aspect that grabs me and I think will be of interest to others as well.  I imagine that most of the time that will also provide me with the basis for my weekly messages. 

I’m really looking forward to blogging through the Bible and our congregational journey through the Scripture in 2013.  I think it will be an enriching experience for everyone.