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Resurrection faith (2)

God calls us to a resurrection faith.  A resurrection faith is the opposite of a dead faith.  Specifically, it is faith in the resurrected Christ and all that implies --- that He is Lord, sovereign over all circumstances, situations, and powers.  A resurrection faith is one that rises above whatever our obstacles and enemies might be to embrace Jesus.
To believe without seeing is to have a resurrection faith.  Everyone starts off that way when we come to Christ since none of us have seen Him.  But while that is how we begin, it isn’t always how we continue.  We can drift and our resurrection faith can become a Thomas kind of faith --- we believe only what we see (i.e., what makes sense to us).  This is not what Christ has called us to.  This is not how we live as salt and light in the world.

This kind of faith may be new to us, but it’s not new to the people of God.  Noah spent a hundred or so years building a boat in the desert because he believed what God told him about the flood that was to come.  As far as we can tell, there had never been a flood and it's possible that it had never rained.  Noah's faith rose what things looked like to trust what His Father had told him.  Abraham believed God could raise Isaac from the dead when he was called to sacrifice him (Hebrews 11:17-19).  The Israelites marched around Jericho for seven days even though they had the manpower to crush the enemy.  It is the faith talked about in Proverbs 3:5-6 and other passages of Scripture.    

This story is the climax of John’s gospel.  It brings the reader where John wants him --- confessing that Jesus is Lord and God.  However, John tells us in v. 30-31 that he had wrote his gospel not just that we might believe, but that we might have life.  Resurrection faith isn't an end in itself, it is to lead to resurrection life --- the kind of life Christ came to bring (John 10:10).   
We must remember that it all comes from Jesus.  Our faith doesn't grow as a result of over-focusing on ourselves or others, it rises as we look at Him!  John's gospel is a record of what He is and what He did so that may find life through Him!
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