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Meet the Greens


Welcome to our family page.  Here's a little bit of information about the Greens. 


I grew up in north Alabama (Madison), the son of an aerospace engineer and a schoolteacher.  While working on a history degree at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, three things happened:  I became a Christian, met my future wife, Janice, and was called by God to preach.  Since that time, we've worked with churches in Wisconsin, South Carolina, Alabama, and Arkansas - where we've been for the last fifteen years. 


Janice also grew up in north Alabama (Huntsville).  In addition to being a wife and mother, she has taught elementary school (second grade) for several years.  She has a real passion for working with younger children both in the community and in the church.


 We've been blessed with three children who know the Lord:


Amy - She graduated from Auburn in 2005 with a degree in architecture.  She met her husband, Drew Bullington, at the Christian Student Center there and they were married two months after her graduation.  They live in Raleigh, NC., where Amy works for an architectural firm and Drew works as an RN at one of the hospitals.  They are members of the Brooks Avenue Church of Christ.




Nathan - He graduated with a business degree from Harding in May of 2007.  He enjoyed his experience there so much that he now works for the school as Assistant Director of Admissions.  But the best thing about Harding was that he met his wife, Mackenzie, there.  She is from Abilene, Texas, and has a degree in Social Science with teaching licensure.  They were married on June 7th of last year.  They live in Searcy and are members of the College Church of Christ, where Mackenzie works as youth ministry assistant with the teenage girls.



Laura - She is a sophomore at Harding Uiversity where she is pursuin g a d egree in speech pathology.  She is an RA (resident adviser), in one of the dorms which means she has to keep up with about twenty freshman girls.  She loves children and (when she is available), is in great demand for her child care services.  She is also a member of the College Church of Christ.



 What kinds of things do we do to relax and unwind?


Janice and I both enjoy outdoor activities like tennis, bike riding, or just walking (and talking).  We don't miss too many high school football or basketball games.  Our ideal getaway is getting the whole family together and renting a cabin at a state park where we can hike the trails, fish, and just enjoy being together.