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Equal or identical? (1)

If you start with a worldview that doesn’t include or marginalizes God and His word, then man becomes an accident of time and chance.  The fact than he exists as male and female is not due to any kind of thoughtful design and purpose --- it’s arbitrary, the blind mechanics of evolution.  Therefore, marriage, sexuality, and gender have no natural or spiritual laws governing them.  They are instead, whatever we want them to be.  This is more or less, the mental map of many today in regard to anything having to do with sexuality, marriage, or gender issues.

It’s the last category I want to address here.  When Adam ends up keeping all of his ribs, chaos ensues in regard to gender understanding.  Gone is the basis for understanding and rejoicing in God’s special creation of woman.  Vanished is any rationale for appreciating her complementary (as opposed to competitive), relationship with man.  It is replaced by a brutish secularism that is driven to do anything it can to grind down the differences between the genders until they are treated identically.

The problem is, they’re not identical --- they're not even close.

Men and women differ biologically at the cellular level outward (tissue, muscle, skin, skeletal, respiratory, hair, brain, etc).  What’s more, everyone recognizes this (and then acts as if this is somehow irrelevant to the whole gender discussion).  Look at the Olympics.  There’s no ideological axe to grind there other than promoting friendly competition among the nations.  Why do they have separate events for men and women?  We all know the answer --- they’re not identical and it would be foolish and unfair to treat them as if they were.  So . . . why do some insist on treating them as though they’re identical?  They’re not the same. They never have been and never will be.

The biblical truth is that man and woman are equal in that they are both made in God's image (Genesis 5:1-2).  I heard someone foolishly claim one time that men, not women, were made in God’s image.  They didn’t get that from the Scripture!  Likewise, neither does the Scripture confuse the equality of men and women with them being identical. They’re equally made in His image, but they are just as obviously made with different roles and purposes in mind.  Quite simply, God made men to be men and women to be women! They have a mutual dependency (1 Corinthians 11:11), but we make a fundamental social and cultural blunder when we act as this difference doesn’t exist and try to feminize young men and masculinize girls.

So the concept of gender roles is biblically based and a biological truth.  But there's more behind gender roles than mere physiological differences that I hope to address soon in a future piece.   
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