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Inflated of inspiring (2)

We are part of a world that to a significant degree, has lost sight of wonder.  We have been numbed by entertainment that never ends, dumbed by a media that does our thinking for us, and insulated by all of the technology around us.  If we want a natural wonder, we purchase little machines or software that simulates the sound of surf crashing against a coastline or a storm surging.  But most of all, we are out of touch with Him who is the embodiment of wonder.  It should be no surprise that we wander more than we wonder.

In pointing people to God, churches should direct them to true wonder and stay away from hype.  But too often they try to bring people to the God of wonder by employing hype.  They wallow in with an ALL CAPS, !!!’s, and “AWESOME!!!” approach.  Groups that embrace this style typically make it sound as if God is doing so much through them that He couldn't possibly have time to work through anyone else.  Despite what Jesus said in Matthew 6:1-5, 16-18, they have no hesitancy in letting everyone know their good deeds.  And they market Jesus with performance oriented worship that majors in trendiness often at the expense of truth.  The result of all of this is a mixed and confusing message because hype creates consumers and wonder creates worshippers and the two are definitely not compatible.     

Hype doesn’t inspire, it merely inflates.  Wonder inspires.  We aren’t the wonder and we are not responsible for trying to churn it up (no matter what the consumer demand might be). Our task is to live as the body of Christ --- serving, feeding, clothing, and teaching.  By doing these things, we point people to Him who is the wonder!