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Making the world a better place (Law & Order CI)

This post will be of little interest to anyone who doesn’t watch Law & Order CI.  I’ve mentioned previously my fondness for the Law & Order shows.  I anticipated my interest flagging as it had in the past in regard to other shows, but after a few years I’m still as big of a fan as ever.  That’s especially true in regard to the CI show and the character of Bobby Goran.

Goran is the junior detective on the Major Case Squad.  His character is quirky, highly intuitive, and intelligent.  His is part profiler, part crime scene specialist, and part master interrogator.  His character is reportedly modeled after Sherlock Holmes and like him; Goran has an exquisite eye for detail, a keen understanding of the criminal mind, and an almost encyclopedic knowledge.  His trademark is when he tilts his head when questioning a suspect.  You know when he does that, it’s all over for the bad guys.
The criminals on the show are a devious, cunning lot.  A few of them would qualify as masterminds.  That’s why their cases are assigned to Goran and his partner, Alexandra Eames (who has the Dr. Watson role).  And no matter how shrewd the criminals or how great the wickedness is they are engaged in, Goran and Eaves always figure out a way to catch them and bring them to justice.  That’s one reason I like the show so much --- I believe that God raises up people like Goran and Eaves to deal with the evil in the world (Romans 13:1ff).  Like rulers, they are “God’s servant to do good,” (13:4).  There's an episode where they're trying to break down a would be terrorist who was planning to blow himself up and take the lives of many others at the same time.  He tries to justify his actions by saying, "I was sent by God."  Eames just looks at him and says in her typical understated manner, "So were we."  Yes!!!

I think there’s something special about the way Eames works with Goran.   Although she is the senior partner, she defers to him much of the time.  She does so because she is the ultimate partner; she knows he is gifted in a way that few are and so she does whatever she can to clear the way for him.  Since he doesn’t like to drive, she does.  He’s not good with computers, but she is.  She not only puts up with his eccentricities, she indulges them because she knows something good will usually come out of it. 

Goran and Eames --- two people using their gifts and working together to make the world a better place.  Let’s see, now what was it I like about the show?
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