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Opportunity is knocking

Okay, I’m in. Definitely.

I’m talking about the “The Bible” miniseries that begins on the History Channel Sunday night.  I saw a short clip on it and was impressed with Roma Downey and her husband, Marc Burnett.  Downey was one of the lead characters on Touched by an Angel and Burnett is a producer best known for Survivor and The Apprentice. Their celebrity is not what impresses me, it’s their conviction that The Bible is “by far the most important project we’ve ever undertaken.”  And it didn’t hurt either when Burnett said, “We believe the Bible is the living word of God.” 
The miniseries consists of five two-hour episodes that will air each Sunday night in March.  I’m certain this will be a case of the movie not being as good as the book.  I'm also sure we'll there will be a few things we will wish were done differently.  For example, in the little clip I watched, I noticed that Ananias pours water on Paul rather than baptizing him.  That’s unfortunate, but then again, that could turn out to be an open door for further discussion, couldn’t it? 

And that's the attitude I'm taking toward the miniseries.  While it may or may not end up being everything we hope for, it will be a refreshing change from the majority of offerings now on prime time television!  Furthermore, I appreciate the fact that people who believe are producing it and giving us a break from being the super distorted views of the media and Hollywood.   

This is an opportunity for God's kingdom.  For the next month, people will be watching this, talking, tweeting, and blogging about this.   I’m praying that we’ll take advantage of it.
Opportunity is definitely knocking.  Let's make sure we answer.
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