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When the bully's day is over (The Dr. Blake Mysteries)

The Dr. Blake Mysteries is a television series set in the 1950’s in Ballarat, Australia. It was on ABC for five seasons but I didn’t watch it until Netflix acquired the first three seasons. Dr. Blake is a police surgeon who works with local law enforcement in a 1950’s forensic sort-of-way. He has a live-in housekeeper, as well as two younger boarders and they share meals, specials moments and murder cases. They have refreshingly good manners, strong work ethics, and a healthy interdependency. The town of Ballarat seems to reflect much the same qualities, although as with all tv-murder-mystery towns it suffers from an alarmingly inordinate rate of homicides that would mitigate its better features if we were dealing with real life.

One of the main characters in the series is the Chief Superintendent Matthew Lawson. He works closely with Dr. Blake, vacillating between aggravation and appreciation for the surgeon’s unorthodox ways. In one episode, the Headmaster of a local school is murdered. One of the suspects is a sadistic teacher, Donald McAvoy, who had bullied Lawson in his younger years when the two were growing up together. Lawson was given the nickname “Splashie” by McAvoy after losing control of himself on one occasion when McAvoy and his cronies were administering a beating.  McAvoy hasn’t changed at all over the years and now bullies the students at school. He is also Deputy Headmaster and stands to be promoted so Lawson quickly arrests him even though there’s insufficient evidence. During his questioning, he tries to intimidate Lawson who acts uncharacteristically petty toward him. It’s evident that his normally good judgment has been blurred. As the investigation progresses, it becomes clear that he didn’t commit the crime and the chief is forced to release him.

After the investigation is over he goes to the school to see the McAvoy and return some evidence to him. When Lawson finds him he is the process of bullying a student. The chief confronts McAvoy and the Deputy Headmaster calls him “Splashie” and physically confronts him. Lawson stands up to him and tells him, “If I hear one more word of complaint against you, I will break all your teeth. Got it?” McAvoy fearfully nods his head. The bully’s reign is over.

As Lawson walks away, he thrusts his chest out and a smile comes across his face. He’s finally free of someone who has haunted him the better part of his life.

Don’t you love that?

Disciples know all too well about the bully known as Satan. Although his day has been finished through Jesus and though in Him we have victory, he still has his way with us from time to time. There is a day coming though when that will be over. There is a day coming when God enabling, we will be able to turn on our heel, stick our chest out and smile that the bully had finally been put in his place never more to bother anyone again.

Trust me, that day is coming for all those who follow Jesus. 

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