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Losing ourselves in the glory of God

What exactly is it that makes us want to sing? Certainly singing is a way of expressing our moods—it’s emotion set to music. When we are happy, we sing a cheerful song or perhaps even a silly one. When we are down, we sing the blues. But there’s more to it than that, isn’t there? There is power in singing. Who hasn’t sung a song and felt better for it? Who hasn’t sung and felt more courageous, committed, inspired or appreciative? Casandra Martin says this:

                        Words engage the mind, music engages the heart and soul. Songs

                        often work their way around the presence of pressure, pride, and

                        perfectionism that tend to hide us, even from ourselves. Music

                        speaks a common language that delights and satisfies hearts around

                        the world. While the form may change, the substance of music has

                        the power to reach deep inside us and captivate our souls.


We sing because we are made that way. It is something that is hard-wired into us. God created us to sing.

And for the most part, it’s something we find great enjoyment in doing. Wherever you find people singing they will almost always be people who are enjoying themselves. We take delight in listening to others sing and will even pay (sometimes quite a bit) to go hear our favorite singers perform.

So singing isn’t going anywhere. It’s here to stay because it is a fundamental part of who we are. That said, singing is used in all sorts of ways. There are songs associated with television commercials, political campaigns, movies, etc. Couples have their songs, as do schools and universities.

In Exodus 15 we have the record of Moses and the Israelites singing an anthem of praise to God. Yahweh has split the Red Sea so His people could pass through it and then brought the waters back together to drown Pharaoh and his army as they tried to follow. After countless years of oppression, infanticide and ten plagues, the Israelites are finally free of Egypt! Although it looked like Pharaoh  would bring them death in the desert (14:10-12), they were delivered. The suddenness of their reversal has spawned an overflow of joy in their hearts and put a song on their lips.

Their song is full of praise for God and what He has done (v. 1-2,11,18). Praise is, quite simply,  the act of losing ourselves in the glory of God.  It is when the sea of self parts and we walk out and stand in the presence of the Almighty. The waters behind us come back together and drown all of our problems—starting with our ego and going on to our fears, anxieties, failures, heartaches or anything else that has been plaguing us. There is no finer experience. In fact, heaven comes to earth when we lose ourselves in the glory of God.

God’s glory is the sun bursting through the clouds. It is so magnificent that you cannot look at it directly. It is so bright it banishes all darkness—even the smallest trace amount. All of the darkness of suffering, injustice and pain—it all becomes as if it never was. Praise brings us to this point. We know that however things might work out on this planet in our tiny lives, God is going to work it all out for eternity. All wrongs will be righted. All impenitence will be dealt with.

Until then we work to spread God’s kingdom of earth—with joy in our hearts and a song on our lips!

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