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Pots, pans & planetary orbits

Martha loved her pots and pans (Luke 10:38-42).  And why not?  She did wonderful things with them!  She fed people.  She used them to make people feel at home and alive with the warmth of her welcome.  Her home was inviting and her pots and pans were tools of her hospitality trade.  They were good.

But then they became bad.  When they became the center of her world, they were no longer were good because they were no longer tools.  Martha became the tool when her pots and pans began to rule her world.  And God?  Well, He was there somewhere (probably buried in the back of a cabinet).

We all have pots and pans in our lives.  They might exist as jobs, leisure-time activities, spouse or family, school, or something else.  These are all definitely good things that call for our attention and energy --- but not in lieu of our relationship with our Father.  Then they become bad things.  Jesus said as much in Luke 14:25-27.  If you haven’t read that passage in a while, it would be good to stop and take a look at it.  It’s a guaranteed cage rattler. 

What would it be like if the planets in our solar system suddenly stopped revolving around the sun and instead, the sun started trying to revolve around the planets?  The answer is total chaos.  God made the smaller objects to revolve around the biggest one.

God is meant to be at the center of our lives and anything else is out of order.  No matter how good it is, it becomes bad because it is taking the place of God.  In lives loaded down with good things, our challenge is to make sure we stay centered on not on good things, but the best thing!

What’s at the center of you universe?  Remember, good things are enjoyed the most only when they revolve around God!   

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