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Praying in the reign

The Lord’s Prayer.  The model prayer.  The Pater Noster.  Most of us are familiar with at least one of these ways of referring to the prayer Jesus gave His disciples (Matthew 6:9-13; Luke 11:2-4).  But what else do we know about it?   If you could crack the prayer open like a pecan or a walnut --- what would you find inside?  It’s the purpose of this little book to explore that question. 

A disclaimer ---- the purpose of Praying in the Reign is not to prod you into praying more often or with greater intensity (although that could be a good thing).  Of course, it does have something to say about prayer, but that’s not its main thrust either.  What it does seek to do is to reach out and grab you in regard to the glory of our Father and the greatness of His kingdom.  It seeks to help us understand more of what it means to allow Him to rule in our lives.

Available through 21st Century Christian