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The Pain of Failure and the Power of Love

Life at the Tomb

The power of silence

Jesus, John & Mary

A relationship with Jesus

The Music of Heaven

A substitute for prayer?

Peace Out

Rooting ourselves in community

And that's the way it is!

The Servant King

Falling into fruitfulness

Scared of the Stink

Set Aside

The Light from Bethlehem

Taking Jesus at His Word

Guilt, Shame & Grace

Finding Jesus

Pain management

The Deeper Reach

Taking off our sandals

Nicodemus and the new birth (2)

Water into Wine

Seeing and seeking

We have seen His glory

God using His words

Alive but not liberated

Prayer and humility

Numbers and organized religion

An exalted view

The land, the law, and the Lord

It feels right and is true

Blessing and cursing

Dealing with the detested

The gratitude of holiness (1)

The gratitude of holiness (2)

Something you can always ask for

Hearing the message of Numbers

Stepping forward

Bored with their blessings

God's holiness and Numbers (2)

God's holiness and Numbers (1)

The Value of the Book of Numbers

Counting on God

The fruit of gratitude

Grace and remembrance (1)

Too big for the birdhouse

Limping into the sunrise (2)

For what it's worth

False prophets

On a hill far away (1)

On a hill far away (2)

On a hill far away (3)

Rescue from the heart of darkness

A lot to learn from Lot

The Good News is not Fake News!

Everywhere they looked

He Cares for You

Letting God be God (The Crown)

2 Peter 3End of the world? (1)

2 Peter 3End of the world? (2)

The way of Jesus

Preparing for PRAYER

The end of all things?

Making sense of 1 Peter

Changing the world

Living out the story

Thinking about reverence

Healthy Holiness

Trust God and put your name on it

Too wonderful for words

An identity for all times

Living as exiles

Life among the thorns

Growing a greater vision of God

It always works that way

God's POV

God's holiness and our hope

Caring and committed

The Judgment (1)

The Judgment (2)

Lost and found

Living without a veil

Don't miss the treasure!

I can only imagine

Letters and life

The triumph of the broken and burdened

Death row discipleship

Something about 2 Corinthians

How often should we take the Lord's Supper?

Was Jesus a white, male patriarch?

Swollen nets and shattered spirits

Puffed up and proud

Selling out to good

Always there to explore

Looking deeper

Opening our eyes

Holy intimacy

What makes a best man (or woman)

Exodus and freedom

Israel's law and order (1)

Israel's law and order (2)

Being a woman is a wonderful thing (2)

Being a woman is a wonderful thing (1)

Losing ourselves in the glory of God

The power of the table

Silent night

Big stories and little stories

The mathematics of grace

Great expectations

Why did God create man?

Love letter from God to me?

Exodus on a cosmic scale

Entering Exodus

Jesus and the fulfillment of Scripture

Learning about love

 We are at our best . . . 

Our sins were there

Forever in gratitude

Looking like Him

People First

Matthew 24 and loving in adversity

A sunny psalm for a cloudy day

Justice, mercy & faithfulness

Let God Be God

Loving People

Faith in our Father

Love, liberation and life

Fishing for taxes

Traveling Mercies

The key to the church

Crumbs from the King

Understanding Scripture through understanding God

Meeting Jesus in the dark of night

Setting our hearts on pilgrimage

Pondering the parables

Thinking about our feelings

From abandonment to adoration


Paul, Apollos and Corinth

Built to withstand

Righteousness and the kingdom of heaven

Jesus and virtue signaling

This is our Savior!

What happened in the wilderness

Living as Christ lived

God's wish for the world

God is with us!

The Genesis of Jesus


The range of redemption

The greatest of these

When the bully's day is over (The Dr. Blake Mysteries)

The difference between silver and gold

Not relevant for today?

Jesus and dead end streets

This is the day that the Lord has made

Faith and Philosophy

Dying to see

When rights are wrong

Morality and Righteousness

Who do you think you are? (Revelation)

Building on Jesus

Until He Comes

Falling in Love with the Future

Ecclesiastes and seizing the day (1)

Ecclesiastes and seizing the day (2)

"Excuse me, could you help me with this?"

Still standing

The best thing about the church

The design of a day

When God owns own history

The joy of my heart

Too wonderful for me

The most radical thing you'll ever do

Dealing decisively with sin

We are not the answer

Teaching is fundamental

God at the center

The challenge of change

How do we treat God?

What it means to be alive

Flipping the script

Building your hope

Faith and the flesh

Up all night

Where thieves break in and steal

Winning the day

Brought to light

Managing your children well

What happened in the garden

Jumping into troubled waters

Merging our letter with God's (2)

Merging our letter with God's (1)

Ignore once

Streamlining for the kingdom

Who needs your lifeline?  (A Street Cat Named Bob)

God's new creation

Putting our weight down on Jesus

How deep the Father's love for us

Nicodemus and the new birth (1)

Grace, faith and transformation

Who needs your grace?

Tree-branches and our eternal home

A God-honoring choice

Dependency and obedience

Hope for a hurting world

Waiting or walking?

Clutter, clutter everywhere . . . 

"They don't get me!" (1)

"They don't get me!" (2)

Bearing the suffering of others

Living the gospel

"I've never seen that before!"

Sports and the search for transcendence

The Voice in the Wilderness

Centering ourselves

Some background for Romans 9-11

Exploring off the coast

Torah righteousness vs. true righteousness (2)

Torah righteousness vs. true righteousness (1)

Israel, the Torah and the flesh 

I fought the law and sin won

Welcome Bryant

Life Assurance

Gloriously Ever After

A Sense of the Sacred

Father Abraham

The flagship nation and oneness in Christ

Creation, rebellion and redemption

Good news and gratitude

Approaching Romans

Verse collector or book inspector?

Recalled to Life

The Bread of our Life?

The cry from the cross

Thinking about atonement (2)

The power to see it through

Breaking open the jar

Kingdom watch

All you need is love

Virtual faith

Thinking about atonement (1)

Saying goodbye to your pigs

The cross:  punishment or suffering?

How is your hearing?

Two great players

Water is thicker than blood

The joy that Jesus brings

Thinking big about the cross

Learning to listen to God (1)

Learning to listen to God (2)

Sin and the cross (3)

Sin and the cross (2)

The obedience of the nations shall be His

Turning brokenness into beauty

Breaking open our jar

Face to face with the good news

Following Jesus in determination

Sin and the cross (1)

Seeing things as they are

Food on our plate and music in the metro

Doing without by looking within

Something to shake our heads about

One is all you need

Moving out of Memphis

When God shows His colors

Settling in at Babel

The apple and the seeds

Seeing the glory of God

A gold calf and "love"

The forbidden fruit of Genesis 4

Coming apart at the "seems"

Bone setting and perspective

For freedom (1)

For freedom (2)

Slaves, sonship and the Spirit (1)

Slaves, sonship and the Spirit (2)

The blessing of blending

The holy work of parenting

To judge or not to judge?

Legalism or nationalism in Galatians (3)

Paul and his critics

Legalism or nationalism in Galatians (2)

Legalism or nationalism in Galatians? (1)

Galatians and plus one thinking

Pointing fingers or extending hands?

The regret that gives life

Participating in the life of God

The pace of grace

Teaching or trivializing?

Looking for the intersection

Celebrities or Servants?

Seeing the Other Side

Wake up!

The ducks vs. the predators

Fear, faith and focus

Our decision and God's will

Learning to live with our assumptions

The real, the right & the wrong

Disciples and Hardship

Honor guards and ultimate solidarity

He's Alive and We're Forgiven

Living the Generous Life

Doing it by the book

Slippin' Jimmy

Bringing the world together through Jesus

No one gets to stay where they are

The new creation of God

Lotteries and lousy lords

Integrity vs. Image

The second mile attitude

Speed trap

Making all things new

Advancing on our knees

Amazed and Alive

No reason to go back

A Charred Stick

Waking up the sleepy saints

Hope is a good thing

Past, Present and Future

The Glorious Exceptions

Justice and Judgment

Is God "a hater?"

No substitutes accepted

For the good of the world

"I am with you"

A Job Well Done

Settling for less

Now that's good news!

Listening to God

Living by faith

The God who roars

Known intimately and loved ultimately

Confronting a killer (2)

Little fingers and the body of Christ

The Power of Praise

This is the Lord we need!

Clean hands vs. clean hearts

Come what may!

Climate change

Zephaniah and the flood

Seven miles from Jerusalem

The prophets and the gospel

Buckling Up (The Bourne Identity)

Faded flowers and eternal life

Confronting a killer

The Possible Dream

Dinner for Thirteen

Staying and standing

The God who understands

Nineveh and me

The account manager who cooked the books (1)

The account manager who cooked the books (2)

Loving in adversity

The sad sequel

Whatever happened to . . .

First principles?

Keeping our eyes on God

Fearing wrong and trusting right

I'm not Leaning In

Fabulously clean and invitingly empty

Hand grenades, barbecue & frontier law

Stepping out of the shadows

Seeing Jesus in new ways

"You want to talk about it?" (Bella)

Bubbles and Hazmat suits

Welcome Lincoln

Facing the improbable

Meaningful beauty

What are you doing with your treasure?

The King who is like no other

Loaves and fishes

A question about our "rights"

Joel and the day of the Lord (2)

Joel and the day of the Lord (1)

Any mirror will do!

Would God do that?

Anything but minor

And the wise man's house went SPLAT!

Brotherhood and betrayal

Living high and falling hard

Heading to Nineveh

Wonder or wander?

Jesus & Jonah, Israel & Nineveh

The God who pursues people

The God who believes in man

Some thoughts from the east side of Nineveh

A better day is coming (2)

Jonah and the big "Never"

A better day is coming (1)

Made for better things

Thinking about the glorious church

The dangerous book

Judgment and the love of God

Functional faith and spiritual lunacy

Hosea and mercy

Hosea's heart for God

Where all life begins

The hard work of the heart

Jesus and organized religion (3)

Jesus and organized religion (2)

Jesus and organized religion (1)

Light shining in darkness

Something to praise God about

Hypocrisy and heart-guarding


Details that make a difference!

Not to God!

Prayer and the sick (thinking about our prayer culture)

The beautiful, God-honoring choice of Lauren Hill

Sharing God in prayer

Revelation and the back of the Bible


Eating an elephant

More like Jesus

Ice cream and ketchup

Great High Priest

The discipline that pays dividends

There's not a friend

Christ and His outrageous claims

Freed from the fear of death

Overwhelmed by Jesus

Recapturing our confidence

Thinking about Hebrews

Diversion or perversion?

Raising God

To believe or not to believe

Joy for the journey

Mo'ne Davis and equality


Your love is better than life

Stories of life and death

Embracing life (The Englishman)

Surprised by God

With us in the wilderness

The God we need to see 

The Thing with Feathers

Learning from Hugo

Nurturing where it is needed


Approaching Psalms

The kingdom of God is among us

Discipled lives

Prayer and core values

Pure in Heart

"You are My Son!"

Vegetable bins and the faithfulness of God

Running away from home

Not Forgotten

Travels with Laura

Learning to listen

Have you called your Mama today?

Stepping out of the shadows

When your knees buckle

Keep going

From sifted to strengthening

More of His glory

Let's live like it!

The possibility of glory

A great plan for life

Intimacy with God

They missed it!

Funeral for a friend

Understanding the times (God's Not Dead)

A hospital for sinners?

The fear of (not) falling

The triumph of truth

What sets us free

Our times are in His hands

The joyful convicts

Who would have thought it?

Real work & real life

A heart set on worship

"It really wasn't that big of deal"

Worship and a well

Be bold and behold

Come and see

Touching or passing by?

Facebook, football & the obnoxious fan

High tough or high truth?

Triumphant suffering

Jesus & gender (6)

Living with open hands

No work-arounds for us!

The season for giving

The principle of first mention

Be a blessing (Schindler's List)

Revelation & overcoming

O Christmas tree!!!

"There's not going to be any more of that!"

Pioneers wanted (Life Below Zero)

Jesus & gender (5)

Jesus & gender (4) 

Hope is hard work

Jesus & gender (3)

The wise old owl

Jesus & gender (2)

Jesus & gender (1)

Matthew, the Scripture & Jesus

Broken bread and crushed grapes

Lord of the Tombs

Discernment and daring

Peace, Joy and War

When hope and history come together

This is how we overcome

Crushed or conquering?

The virtue of seeking

A quick look at Acts

The next big thing

Submarines & kingdoms

Worship and witness

Everything else is just hype!

If the Lord had not been on our side . . .

A measured remembrance

Eat it - it's good for you

The part that matters

Breaking Bad

Appearance, reality & prayer

Justice, judgment & good news

Small town southern man

The other brother

Hello August!

Life in the right lane

Reflecting our destiny

In support of diversity in marriage

Something worth celebrating

Waiting in line

The blessing of marriage

Humble Hannah

Peter & the flood (1)

Peter & the flood (2)

A rebel and the Prince of Peace

What Jesus didn't say

Keeping up the pursuit

Reading between the lions


Pedestals & prophets

If it's not broke, you haven't fixed it

Becoming what we worship

A call to intimacy & urgency

The One who holds the stars

Learning to love

Ultimate security

A glorious rescue day

Praying wisely

A mother's perseverance

Patching a rough spot

Building the patience bridge

Letters from the battlefield

The right kind of mourning

Front and center at Augusta

This is where kings come from

Love and spaghetti trees

Lighting or cursing?


Welcome Reed

Resurrecting Jesus

A glorious city, a beautiful bride, & Eden

Living courageously (We bought a zoo)

Crazy hope

What the Spirit says to the churches

Follow the gold

The hope filled life (The Undefeated)

Ritual & community

We haven't seen anything yet!

Opportunity is knocking

Joseph's brothers

Oscar & Joseph

Standing at the end of the diving board

A bookish approach to the Bible

The hope powered life

Land, man & glory

The Wonder of why

Limping into  the sunrise

Starry, Starry Night

We're off to read Revelation!

Spirit & fire

John's baptism and ours

The way it's meant to be (Roman Holiday)

Losing our religion

Defying the darkness

When God weeps

There is one God!

Work & the image of God


Why pray for forgiveness?

Thinking about Joseph & Mary

Hereafter (1)

Hereafter (2)

Hereafter (3)

Hereafter (4)

God's will and our prayers

A devotion worth imitating

The battle of Armagedddon (1)

The battle of Armageddon (2)

Here comes the bride!

The power of faith

Praying up

Better than a Hallelujah

Faith is a good thing

Thnking & thanking

E100 and blogging through the Bible

Bicycles and lawn mowers

Rome, faith & finances

We're better than this, aren't we?

Trivial Pursuits

We're with Him

A welcome to Sam

Follow the horn (1)

Follow the horn (2)

In pursuit of the image of Christ

God and the box

Running with patient endurance

To serve or not to serve?

All over this land

What about me?

Getting lost in the glory of God

God's handiwork

Sincerely (but no longer yours)

Great or small?

Community & individuality

Paul BC

"There's more to you than that" (The Dark Knight Rises)

Sunshine or storms

Appreciating the light (The Dark Knight Rises)

Equal or identical? (1)

Where they should be

Golden calves

End of the world?

Going viral (Contagion)

Alert, alive & open

The chicken sandwich skirmishes

Ho hum or Hallelujah?

Jesus & His army

When winning isn't winning

Some parting  thoughts

Top 10 list for VBS in Romania

Back in the USSR

Hope and the upward pull (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close)

The rider on the white horse

A place at the table

Living as Part Two people

What marriage was meant to be

The prayer of freedom

More mercy please (The Iron Lady)

Worthy is the Lamb!

Super heroes and low ceilings (The Avengers)

Singing in the rain

Red Sea music

Take me out to the ballgame

Bridge may ice in cold weather

That's the way it is

God is so good

A midwife crisis

Jesus, the president, & marriage

The power of choice

"You have not rescued Your people at all!"

God's holiness and an unflinching faith

The birth of Moses and the power of God

Why did Moses leave Egypt?

Real people, not actors

Of comfort and courage


The blessing

Google glass and augmented reality

The resurrection and Surprised by Hope

The fire Jesus brings

Perplexed by God?

Exhuasted yet keeping up the pursuit

March Madness and a long obedience in the same direction

Of Gods and Men

It's our Lord!

Sandals off and hearts open

Learning from a bush

Daily bread (5)

"What is Your name?"

"You can do this too!"

The need for speed

Approaching the book of Revelation (1) 

Approaching the book of Revelation (2)

When a child dies/Mike Cope (parts 1 & 2) 

A healthy sense of the holy (1)

A healthy sense of the holy (2)

Raining cats and dogs (1)

Raining cats and dogs (2)

Swimming against the stream (1)

Swimming against the stream (2)

Swimming against the stream (3)

Learning from locusts

When church is over

The spreading flame

Your email and your Bible

Aaahh, Joseph!

Celebrating true adventure (We Bought a Zoo)

A look at John's manger (1)

A look at John's manger (2)


'Seeker' is our status

Never has been and never will be

Holy is Your name (8)

"It's a God thing" (2)

"It's a God thing" (1)

Shaking things up

Working with pictures
Who really has grit?  (True Grit)
Keeping it Safe (The Book of Eli)
Dreaming and doing (Three Cups of Tea)
Remember who you are (Somewhere in the Night)
Hope is a good thing (The Shawshank Redemption)
Rooted or roaming?  (Up in the Air)
Who we are (Departures) 
Waiting for death (No Country for Old Men)
The Joy of Sharing (The Grapes of Wrath)
Feeling God's pleasure (Chariots of Fire)
Experiencing the word of God
  • Where did God come from?
  • In praise of Colt McCoy
  • We need God!
  • Fast food faith
  • Uniquely new
  • Pax Romana and the peace of God
  • A patch of sky, a headful of hair and the birth of Jesus
  • Traveling with purpose
  • Rhubarb pie and the community of Christ
  • "We don't interpret the Bible" (3)
  • "We don't interpret the Bible" (2)
  • "We don't interpret the Bible" (1)
  • Distracted living
  • God's redeeming curse (3)
  • God's redeeming curse (2)
  • God's redeeming curse (1)
  • Snake on a pole (2)
  • Snake on a pole (1)
  • Designer faith
  • Now that's good news!
  • History and His story (Be Kind Rewind)
  • What's that smell?
  • Grace and community (2)
  • Grace and community (1)
  • Headlines and hypocrites
  • "It's only horrible for them" (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas")
  • Holy is Your name (5)
  • Forgiveness, confession and commission
  • The passing of time
  • Resurrection faith (2)
  • Resurrection faith (1)
  • Dogs in heaven?
  • Living the resurrection (2)
  • Living the resurrection (1)
  • A Roman cross and a Jewish carpenter (2)
  • A Roman cross and a Jewish carpenter (1)
  • Great Expectations (My Sister's Keeper)
  • Back to the garden (2)
  • Back to the garden (1)
  • The world that once was . . . and could be again (2) (Field of Dreams)
  • The world that once was . . . and could be again (1) (Field of Dreams)
  • A son remembers (2)
  • A son remembers (1)
  • There's a great day coming!
  • The wicked world
  • The God who believes in man (2)
  • The God who believes in man (1)
  • If you get to the funeral home you've gone too far
  • Is Jesus getting bigger?  (The Chronicles of Narnia:  Prince Caspian)
  • Praise in the desert
  • Working off a list
  • Dwelling in the shelter and resting in the shadow
  • God answered our prayer!
  • There will be a reckoning! (Cold Mountain)
  • Eight-sided baptisteries
  • Thinking about the resurrection
  • Back to nature
  • Go tell John
  • Four of God's favorite words
  • Making the world a better place (Law & Order CI)
  • God is no Lucy!
  • Here comes the Son!
  • More on marriage
  • Stones or bread (2)
  • Stones or bread (1)
  • When Jesus sang
  • Sean Penn, Jesus, and homosexuality
  • Prime time
  • What Bible study should be
  • What does God get?
  • When the flowers have faded and the candy is gone
  • Reflecting on the death of Jesus (2)
  • Reflecting on the death of Jesus (1)
  • Bail-outs, black holes, and contentment
  • Too much information or not enough wisdom?
  • Singing, joy, hope and life (Enchanted)
  • Sweeter than honey
  • Puzzle or picture?
  • What it means to follow Christ
  • Rich, young . . . and sad
  • Diving for pearls  (The Pearl Diver)
  • Be warned and live wisely
  • Fresh faith (2)
  • Fresh faith (1)
  • Something to think about
  • Drinking or pouring?
  • Jesus wept
  • The tree (2)
  • The tree (1)
  • Atonement(Atonement)
  • A recipe for thanksgiving
  • Doing something for God
  • Nurturing truth and righteousness (Bones)
  • Revering & rejoicing (3)
  • Revering & rejoicing (2)
  • Revering & rejoicing (1)
  • Forever 
  • Election reflection
  • Don't put air in that balloon!
  • God's will and our circumstances
  • The power of an example
  • Rainy nights and dark caves
  • A tree in the rocks
  • Thinking about friendship
  • When the spear is pointing at you
  • Pots, pans and planetary orbits
  • Serving your way to the throne
  • Water into wine
  • Connecting with church (2)
  • Analog churches in a digital world
  • The adventure of faith (2)
  • The day the church found its power
  • Not today (Live Free or Die Hard)
  • I was made this way (2)
  • I was made this way (1)
  • Your kingdom come (2)
  • Your kingdom come (1)
  • Back to school
  • The adventure of faith (1)
  • Going for the gold for God (2)
  • Going for the gold for God (1)
  • The army and the armor
  • I M 4 U
  • Daily bread (3)
  • Now I lay me down to sleep
  • The thrill of hope
  • Daily bread (2)
  • Spiritual warfare:  Stand!
  • You've been flamingoed!
  • Daily bread (1)
  • Lead us in prayer!
  • Our Father (5)
  • Spiritual warfare:  the triumph of the cross
  • Using the truth truthfully 
  • Spiritual warfare:  Identifying the enemy
  • Top ten list of things I've learned as Dad
  • Living under the influence
  • Wedding Day
  • Big Brown going down
  • Desperado
  • A day at the zoo and buyer's remorse
  • Consumer or kingdom prayers?
  • Some thoughts on restoration
  • Our Father (4)
  • God at work
  • The once and future king (Bobby)
  • The church and grace
  • Witnesses of God's glory (1)
  • It's hard to be humble
  • Barking at God
  • The day death died
  • What's special about church
  • Connecting with church (1)
  • Holy is yourname (4)
  • Brand names and brotherhood
  • A sandcastle faith
  • The church belongs to God
  • Standing in the storm
  • Thinking about church
  • Trap doors, trip wires and Matthew 7:21
  • Raising your hand
  • Piling on
  • You are the treasure that I seek
  • It's a jungle out there
  • No treasure like this treasure
  • Giving God fast prayers
  • Speaking the truth in a white lie world
  • Ruby with the eyes that sparkle
  • (D)anger
  • Pilgrims and airports
  • God's will (2)
  • God's will (1)
  • Kindness to a queen
  • Forward by backward
  • Yearbooks & Anchors
  • Looking through the lens (2)
  • Looking through the lens (1)
  • Law & Order and mercy
  • Lonely eyes and Jesus
  • The Cosmos and Calvary
  • Called & Claimed (2)
  • Called & Claimed (1)
  • Divorced from his father
  • Holy is Your name (3)
  • Holy is Your name (2)
  • Holy is Your name (1)
  • Nice prayers or good prayers?
  • A horse, a dessert and hope
  • Our Father (3)
  • There's a great day coming
  • Communion thoughts
  • Our Father (2)
  • Think bigger
  • Our Father (1)
  • Words to live by
  • Remember your song
  • What can God do?
  • A sprig of grass and a message of hope
  • The call that makes a difference
  • A faith full of questions
  • Christ on the waterfront
  • A question about heaven
  • Listening in awe
  • A picture of prayer
  • Searching for pearls
  • Securing your treasure
  • The challening Beatitudes
  • The blessing of mourning
  • Ultimate community
  • Turn on the lights!
  • Living up to your name
  • And what do you see?
  • "I'm glad we tried"
  • Consider yourself at home
  • The death of despair
  • Blind spots and due diligence (2)
  • Blind spots and due diligence (1)
  • Death & taxes
  • Aaahhh . . . Hope!
  • Part of a family
  • "You are our mission"
  • A metaphor of life?
  • And what gets you out of bed?
  • Two markers to remember
  • I didn't think God would do it this way
  • Impressing our children
  • The Bible and its chronology (3)
  • The Bible and its chronology (2)
  • The Bible and its chronology (1)
  • A tornado and a tragedy
  • A son remembers
  • Delayed but not denied
  • The walk of faith
  • I can only imagine 
  • Thinking about community(3)
  • Thinking about community(2)
  • Thinking about community(1)
  • Changing Our Seat
  • What if God was one of us?
  • Who is my neighbor?
  • Baptism and Coming to God (2)
  • Baptism and Coming to God (1)
  • Living Rich
  • Repentance and coming to God
  • Wineskins, patches, and new life 
  • Faith and Coming to God (2)

  • Faith and Coming to God (1)
  • No Better Moment
  • Grace and Coming to God
  • Not Far
  • Worthy
  • Clean, Bright & New
  • There is no place like home
  • A Teenage Girl Sings of God
  • Back to Bethlehem
  • Getting in the Way of God
  • We Need More Than Bread
  • Entering the Arena for Christ
  • Imagine
  • Last meals and living hope 
  • Proceed and Be Bold
  • Sports and Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Living Rich Toward God
  • The Wounds of Love
  • Faith Has A Future
  • We Must Have Wonder
  • This is Who We Are
  • Believes All Things
  • Of Hope and Healing
  • Our Kind of Song
  • Election Reflection
  • This is Where We Came In
  • God's Most Wanted
  • Better Days Are Coming
  • Comments