Numbering our days

28,745—that’s our life expectancy in terms of days, according to the Center for Disease Control’s National Center for Health Statistics. That sounds like a lot, and yet, which one of us hasn’t experienced the feeling of looking back and wondering where the time went? For most of us, the frequency of this feeling only increases with age.

That being so, is there any way we can get some traction in regard to time and how quickly it seems to be passing? The stark reality is, there is no way to pause it, slow it down or manipulate it in any fashion. It is the steadiest of stable forces God has created in our universe. However, there is a way we can experience it more powerfully, appreciate it more fully and remember it with more bliss.

What is it?

The answer is so simple you might be skeptical: We learn to live life as it is given to us by God—one day at a time. While this answer might be easy to understand, translating it into reality is a greater challenge. Many of us have lifestyles that aren’t particularly conducive to living life on these terms. Some live at breakneck speed where the days blur by like lines on the highway. Others live in anticipation of some future event—the present is an obstacle they want to pass through as quickly as possible. Then there are those who are trapped in the past. Rather than each day being a cause for celebration, it is used merely for contrast with the way things used to be.

Time, life and opportunity all intersect in the special moment known as today. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that life isn’t forever. It is in fact, quite fragile. We can be here one day and gone the next. Whether you’re in the wilderness, out of it, or somewhere in between, the challenge is the same—how to pour out our lives into each day our Father gives us.

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psalm 90:12)

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