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I asked people to share some good news experiences. Here is the first round of their responses:


  • I am so encouraged and amazed at how adaptable people are. From churches finding ways to keep their congregations in touch by technology, schools setting up distance learning, doctors’ offices seeing patients online, grocery stores finding safer ways to provide food, kids being provided food at drive up sites at schools — all of this and so much more reminds me of how much good there is in the world.


  • A neighbor of my sister checks on her throughout the week and places delicious home cooked meals on her porch to let her know that she is not alone. She is a widow and has some health concerns.


  • Three sweet notes, from three little girls that we adore, came to our mailbox recently. Our spirits were lifted knowing that each of them was praying for us.


  • My whole neighborhood has just been great through this. Someone organized a hearts and teddy bear drive-through for kids. We put things in our windows and then families walked or drove through and tried to spot them. We did the same for Easter, putting pictures of eggs in our windows. Another guy, a DJ, plays music on Friday nights outside; another person has organized food trucks and restaurant deliveries for the neighborhood. It’s just been wonderful and loving. We are all on the same Nextdoor app, and there is a lot of encouragement there. I feel so supported by this group of people.


And last but not least, this sidewalk chalk talk was sent in . . . 

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