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Here are some more responses about the good news you've been experiencing:

  • A lonely widower received a thoughtful card from a young child letting him know that she was praying for him during these challenging weeks.

  • We've seen many acts of kindness by associates and customers who share the last of something in their buggy with an elderly person. The associates are pulling together and working as a team as never before. A couple of days ago we had a truck that had in it one (1) case of hand sanitizer. I had an associate take it and walk through the store, offering a bottle to elderly customers. Several said, "No, we're good, give it to someone who needs it more," or something to that effect. (This was sent to me by a Wal-Mart manager).

  • One neighbor brought us homemade bread. Another was walking around with her grandson and leaving homemade cookies on the porch. Another neighbor made us a face mask and visited. It is really a caring, loving country we live in.

  • I am encouraged but a family I know that has 3 active kids of their own who are trying to keep everyone sane during this time. The dad has moved his workplace to their bedroom as his employer requested. They have been asked to begin keeping every Tuesday and Thursday a foster child to give that mom some relief as she also has 3 kids at home and is running a home business. They also agreed to bring another foster child into their home for 4 days this week. This is in addition to the home schooling that they began yesterday with their own kids under the guidelines of their school system.

And finally, more sidewalk chalk talk!

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