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Here's the first round of responses in regard to your thoughts and observations concerning 40 days in the social distancing wilderness.
  • I have observed creativity at its finest. People getting by using what we already have (which is a lot!) and finding new ways to communicate/socialize together. I think we've all received a good lesson in patience too! (Lisa J.)
  • I think the most profound thing that I have discovered, for me anyway, is how intimately and intricately our lives are wound together. At first, I felt like a blanket was tossed on top of our world and it muted everything down. We are designed to be together, to socialize, to learn from each otherand not just from our families but from all of society. I am craving the company of lots of people, the social interchange of the clerk at the grocery counter, and I want to see the smiles of my friends. I want to hear other people talking and laughing. The controlled environment of the Internet and the social exchanges on there are artificial compared to the spontaneity of everyday life. It's just not enough. The subtle nuances of day-to-day social exchange are far more profound than I thought. (Cindy H.)
  • One thing I have learned concerns social distancing. It is not new to humanity as Jesus faced it all the time. First, He was told to keep His distance from the lepers, the demoniacs, the tax collectors and the sinners. Thankfully, He didn't. And second, Jesus was the recipient of social distancing. He was basically a loner in many ways, with only a small circle of true friends. He understands our loneliness. (Chris T.)

While Jesus was having dinner at Levi's house, many tax collectors and sinners were eating with Him and His disciples, for there were many who followed Him. (Mark 2:15)

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