Taking Advantage of April

Since it looks like the month of April is going to be a lot like the second half of March, I thought I would put together some thoughts to help us stay spiritually aligned. 

1. We will remember that God’s purposes, though painful and difficult at times, are always loving and redemptive even though we are not able to fully grasp them.

2. We will pray that God will continue to use our lives in whatever way He sees fit and grow us into His holy purposes.

3. We will continue to fervently pray for the world around us—our community, our state, our nation and the world in the midst of this pandemic.

4. We will strive to be the body of Christ, ministering to the pain and suffering around us and pointing people to the love of God as expressed through Christ—who is humanity’s singular hope.

5. We will look up—not down, out—not in, and forward—not backward.

6. We will trust God—not our fears, anxieties and doubts.

7. We will focus on what we can do rather than what we can’t.

8. We will continue to celebrate life by loving God and others to the fullest of our capacity being thankful for every minute and every opportunity.

9. We will remember that nothing big has changed: God is still on His throne; Jesus is still Lord and the Spirit still lives within us. Through it all we are known intimately and loved ultimately.

10. We will live life the way our Father gives it—one day at a time. With His help we will joyfully stand firm for the glory and honor of Him who is everything.

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