The Design of a Day

We leave the wilderness the same way we lived in it—one day at a time. Learning to live within a day begins with appreciating it as the most basic unit of time created by God. Hours, minutes and seconds are all ideas man came up with. While they are good and helpful in their own way, they can also distract us from appreciating a day as the most significant measure of time. After all, there is daily bread, taking up our cross each day, and serving a God who daily bears our burdens (Psalm 68:19). It's hard to get away from the idea that in terms of time, the currency God favors is a day.

If in a day we have an important part of God’s framework for living rather than a random unit of time, then part of appreciating and honoring it is to make sure we work within God’s design rather than against it. Most of us have had the experience of using something incorrectly: driving with the parking brake on, using a shoe for a hammer or a dime for a screwdriver. I was once pulled over by a state trooper who thought I wasn’t wearing my seat belt. It looked that way to him because instead of the strap going over my shoulder as it is supposed to, I had it under my arm. When he saw I actually had my belt on, he pointed out if I was in an accident, it wouldn’t work as intended because I wasn’t wearing it as it was designed to be used.

How we look at a day can be a lot like that. We have the choice of ignoring the framework of a day or of using it as it is intended. If we choose to ignore it, it won’t benefit us in the way God desires. But if we choose to honor the design of a day, we will find ourselves blessed and in harmony with God’s creative will.

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