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O Come let us adore Him

It’s one of those old Hallmark commercials ---the kind that are two minutes plus and they show only during the Hallmark Hall of Fame presentations.  I’ve long since forgotten what the presentation was, but I haven’t forgotten the commercial.

It’s called Home for the Holidays ( It’s a snowy Christmas Eve and there is an extended family gathering at the grandparents’ home.  Ten year old Johnny and his parents are there as well as a Christmas card from Johnny’s older brother Tom, who is working in Europe.  The card says he will be home for Christmas Eve so he and Johnny can sing for the family as they do every year.

As the day goes on, the weather worsens and other relatives are barely able to make it through.  As afternoon turns into evening, everyone is there except Tom.  No one has heard anything from him.  A disappointed Johnny dutifully stands before the family and begins to sing O Holy Night.  Behind him a door opens and Tom steps in.  He holds a finger up so everyone will keep quiet and sneaks up behind Johnny.  The solo becomes a duet as he puts his arm on his shoulder and they sing:

A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices

For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn

Fall on your knees!  O Hear the angels voices!

O night divine, O night when Christ was born.


There was a time for mankind when the world was frozen in a winter of sin and despair.  Misery was the order of the season and hope was in full retreat.  Just when things were at their bleakest and defeat seemed inevitable, our older brother arrived on the scene.  He put His arm on our shoulder, joy in our song, and the world has never been the same.


This is what we celebrate --- that deity came to earth in the person of Jesus.  The little baby lying in the feeding trough, the one among the animals, is Lord of heaven and earth.  Couldn’t be you say, the Sovereign of the universe would never subject Himself to something like this. 

But He did.  And we’re the reason why.


This is the star that should guide us and fill our lives with meaning and purpose.  This far-fetched, amazing life that began in a stable, ended on a cross, and then began again in a garden is our story, our hope, and our redemption.


What began in Bethlehem couldn’t be contained in that tiny town.  It spilled over into Galilee, Samaria, and Jerusalem.  Then it was on to Athens, Alexandria, and Rome.  The centuries have been unable to hold the glorious truth of that life and it lives today, brightly beaming its healing light to a hurting world. 


You see, there is simply not enough darkness in all the universe to extinguish the light of His life.  Never has been and never will be.    


O come let us adore Him.
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